Public Playtest Document

We are pleased to announce that the public Playtest Document of our No Class RPG system and our flagship setting, Purgatory, will be available the first week of Decemeber. A subscribers section will appear on this website to allow you to sign up to become an official playtester. You will have to read, sign, and return a Non-Disclosure Agreement before having access to the document. We are excited that the rules have finally developed to this level and that 2019 is the year that our hardwork will hit the public in its fullest.

In the Wild!

So for the first time Purgatory is out of our hands. We just cleared the first playtest team that isn’t meeting under our watchful eye. It will be interesting to hear back from them.
In other big news for Purgatory; it will be making its first public appearance at AcadeCon! We have just slotted a demo table to run a few events and introduce people to the world and the “No Class” game system! We’re training up a small cadre of demo team members to help us out at the Con! If you have a chance to get out here, we’d love to have you along for the ride!

3G has Evolved

Many moons since a last post but we are back. Our project 3G has involved into a setting called Purgatory. We are in the process of designing a new dice system to create a roll playing game in the Purgatory setting.  Stay tuned for more information.