Rules and FAQ

Rule 0: DON’T BE A DICK!

the new v4 servers are the full release servers. There are no further plans to wipe servers. We cater to a crowd who works full time on a spread of different shifts, so our rates reflect this style of play. We have our own Discord and welcome worldwide chatter!

Rule 1: Please do not block any caves that drop artifacts; we want content open to all players

Rule 2: Keep building near Obelisks to a minimum,(don’t block the terminals) give everyone the chance to travel the cluster and get to the bosses.

Rule 3: PvP is enabled, but offline raiding is highly discouraged. Stone aging of tribes (destroying their crafting tables etc) is fully prohibited. 

Rule 4: Please note that we are logging admin actions in chat and that the admins/mods are just trying to play the game. It would be helpful to ask one of us about access to the BSF Ark community so we can help you with any issues, but not a requirement to play.