The Staff


Andy Coen

Co-Owner, Dominus Machinis

During the day Andy is a certified cyber-security expert who tends to farms of servers that sit in a DMZ. He’s previously worked as an admin, architect, and system designer from the basic levels through to specialized team and then ending up in enterprise administration. He also manages the small farm of servers that is the core to the BroomstickFighters servers.

However at other times Andy’s inner geek gets to come out and play (yeah, computers aren’t enough). At the tender age of 8 he was introduced to D&D. This started a lifetime addiction to RPGs and gaming in general. He has since gone on to become a freelancer with published works in the RPG field. During college he discovered a love of designing levels and internal mechanics when Vampire the Masquerade-Redemption was released. Working with a team there he went on to work on some level designs in Unreal Tournament. The mutual love of these things lead to the founding of BsF with his best friend.

At one point I would have described my ideally quiet life at home, with the one child away at college. Instead, I have a toddler, 2 mildly “challenged” dogs, 1 extremely lonely cat, and an obsessively compulsive punny lawyer with ADHD who puts up with my eccentricities. I however, would trade none of this for your so called “normal” lifestyle.


Cullen Erbacher

Co-Owner and Dominus Artis

In his mundane life, Cullen is a Visiting Instructor at many local universities. He holds a B.S. Degree in Geological Science, a M.S. Degree in Geology and a M.S. Degree in Earth and Environmental Science. His field of particular interest is in historical geology and the history of the planet. He will talk at great length of how the pre-history taught is incomplete.

His superhero persona however is composed of the two ‘g’s….gamer and geek. Introduced to his first RPG by his brother from another mother, he now has clocked 33 years of gaming experience. This experience has spread to include all known forms of games. This experience has honed his skills and he has realized what is lacking in games and together with Andrew Coen formed the Cabal known as BroomstickFighters in order to rectify this anemia.

The third component of his life is a family man. He is the devoted father of 3 and through what must be a divine act found a woman willing to be his wife of which he is eternally grateful.