Discord; an experiment in accountability

So a few of you who follow us closely have noted bursts of activity from time to time with periods of silence in between.  We’ve also been HORRIBLE about keeping up with our NDA-ed folks about the dev process. It was high time we did something about that!

You will note we’ve added a whole new widget to the front page connecting you (hopefully) to the right spot for a Discord dedicated to BsF material. With both text and voice chat capabilities this is a method combining the best of the old IRC and Teamspeak/Vent/Skype access.  As of yet no video… but hopefully we can keep in touch better with folks this way. It gives me a connection from our phones and our computers, making it an easy place for us to track things and communicate. If you have an NDA or we’ve talked to you about one, this will be a place to get together with people who have knowledge of some of the development we’re doing (and we’ve added a few things recently, so we can update you there and get you in the mix). All the owners are currently in as Modmins, so we’ll get message you send and sort you into the right places so we can chat about our games! Please, hop on, ask questions, get where you need to discuss developments, and make suggestions to us! Please let us know if you can contribute to the efforts and we’ll tell you how you can help!

For our ARK community this is also a good addition, as we will be opening a voice channel just for you guys! No more borrowing a TS server and having to inform people where to migrate too, just a stable place for all of us to chat. As they expand Discord’s capabilities we will likely add sub-channels for each map, and maybe even subs for tribes (per requests). This will enable us to help you find 1 place to communicate with your people playing the game!